Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009


Sorry to bother you with another random entry.
I guess I don't have anything important in my mind for now. Which actually feels kind of nice.
Sometimes it feels like your head was about to explode. To let go of all the thoughts you want to hold on to simultaneously. And although it's important to think about the world it's hard sometimes... and makes you sad. But I'm glad to be aware of certain things.

I'm really into my music again. And rediscovered some great used-to-be-favourites.
Music has always been very important to me... it's like a soundtrack to my life and determines my mood. But I guess that's just normal. As Nietzsche said: "Without music, life would be a failure" :D
Great man... great, great man. *haha* Gotta read more of his books...
As you might know I'm into metal a lot. I don't know what it is about metal that fascinates me so much... Most of the people would define it as noise instead of music. :P But at least for my favourite bands I can say that the lyrics are just awesome. And very philosophic. I can only recommend In Flames. Great band, great sound, great everything ^___^

And as for the old songs, I rediscovered Nobodys Listening by Linkin Park. That track is just soo stylish, although I obviously can't explain why. Damn I've got a problem.
I can't seem to express myself lately... (ha I like the word "lately")

... some songs I can recommend:
Linkin Park - Nobodys listening
Miss Platinum & Peter Fox - Come marry me (haha the chorus is hilarious)
Apocalyptica - Fade to black
Breaking Benjamin - So cold (go listen to that song)
Linkin Park - Pushing me away (Hybrid Theory version)


  1. As we are friends on myspace now and I'm a little bit drunk I guess I can comment on your blog, right? (;
    I like the idea of music being a soundtrack to ones life. It's like that to me, definitly.
    And I like the word lately too.
    Guess that's all. Greetings, Plum

  2. Haha ^^ You're allowed to comment on my entrys anytime... even if you're not drunk ;)

    Yes, for sure. Sometimes I even wish I had a soundtrack so I don't have to chose the songs on my own. (Lazy girl) ^^