Freitag, 15. April 2011


Feels good to be in university again. Am very relaxed and balanced these days, which feely extremely nice. All the internships strain has fallen off of me.

University offers some nice classes this semester which can be described as useful as well. So yay :D Have many new projects to work on and am greatly looking forward to these. First shooting will be upcoming monday.

more later...

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

How to live a fucking good life

Now that I'm done with my internship I feel a slight relief. Did have quite much responsibility, which led to stress I haven't known before. And I actually don't like being that responsible on so many different fields. But that done (and my much desired trip to Japan cancelled, unfortunately) there was enough time to regenerate and relax. Too much time actually.

Am now looking quite forward to university starting again. Quite confident with my choice of classes as well. I didn't choose Photography as my field of interest for the classes were rather boring. Also I'm not that much into documentary photograph and stills... too bad :P
So we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Also I was offered a cool spare-time job that I will apply for the upcoming friday.
And gosh I need to redo my portfolio anytime soon. Just put that on my growing To-Do list -_-

Many changes and decisions ahead... will keep you updated ;)