Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

Getting started

This is my first ever blog and blog entry. So please keep this in mind while reading my crap, ok!? Oo

Where to start...
I'm really kind of stressed out these days... probably because of all the different tasks I'll have to accomplish all at a time. Although I'm not really lazy I've still got sooo much to do. Let's call it a work-overload. Stupid uni is already exhaustig me... and I just started.
Can't believe we already had a semester at university. Tempus fugit.

And well... Lately I get frustrated a lot.
Not by specific things, but in general. Because I'm bored or can't seem to take a good picture lately, because I still haven't accomplished all my tasks, feel lonely... etc etc. many reasons.
Also I hate my domitory. It's not like I haven't tried to decorate it and make it a little comfy for me, but it's very lonely and at the end of the world. (takes me about a quarter of an hour to get to university) And people in here are rather cold and keep by themselves... strange.

I keep staring into thin air thinking, but actually having no clear thought... are you familiar with that situation?
Feels strange to be asked about what you're thinking all the time and all you can say is "well nothing actually." -_- Strangest thing about it is that I somehow feel guilty for it. Seems like I'm having bad thoughts and just don't want to tell anyone, which is of course stupid. But that's what I am... stupid. Naive and kind of stupid at times.

Enough for now. I'll annoy you with my thoughts again later on. xD