Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

lopsided balance

I always thought you could only be good at one... job or relationship.
And until now that has always been a fact for me. Yet at the moment, both sides are equally good. Within my relationship I feel a safety I have never imagined before and it is all so shockingly perfect that it makes me wonder from time to time if there might be something awfully wrong and I just haven't noticed. I found my happiness again and am now more sure than ever to have found the right partner for me. Also I have just started my new job at a big fashion and lifestyle magazine. I was really lucky to get that job immediately without even knowing the magazine at first. It could have been bound to be you might say. I don't even know how I did it, but the boss liked me a lot and agreed to let me work for him by the next day which of course is very uncommon. It's so much fun working there and everyone is so nice and friendly... I felt at home after just a few hours there.
Am curiois to see where this will take me and how it all goes on... maybe this will be my time, finally.


Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


Yay, I am a Bachelor now!
Have had my final presentation this monday and passed with a degree of 1,0. *proud*
Our Bachelor exhibition launches tomorrow night. Hope to see you guys there ;)

system error

This years graduates of btk proudly invite you to their Bachelor-exhibition.

Repeatedly our fingers keep tapping on smudgy displays. No reaction. The machine is being cursed and shaken. Only then we notice the keyboard and buttons. With an enthusiastic push of the key we finally recieve our ticket.
Sometimes it's mistakes like these that yank us out of our usual hebetude. They force us to rethink our usual behavior and to take in our surroundings anew.
The title of this years (Bachelor-)exhibition, "system error" suggests, that there's usually a problem leading the way for a new idea. The exhibition of 2011/12s bachelor year at Berlin University of Applied Science (btk) extends over two floors of the university. Each one of the 56 works intends to creatively solve a problem. Within the discourse between digital and alalogue media, ideas will not only be made visible, but even made come alive.
The graduates of the majors Photography, Communicationdesign, Motiondesign and Interfacedesign proudly present their various works and thereby create a unique exhibition.

Vernissafe: 03.2.2012, 19:00
Exhibition period: 04.-09.2.2012
Opening hours: daily 15:00 to 19:00

Location: Berlin University of Applied Science
Bernburger Str. 24-25
10963 Berlin

click on Picture to see a little teaser to my bachelor project