Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Well, it's a first

As you might know, I'm not really a party person. But when in great company, even I am able to have my share of fun while partying :D It's been two parties now that I really enjoyed. Maybe I can be a sociable party person as well haha.

My former boss and photographer Felix organized a party in his photostudio. That means I got a chance to meet a lot of the awesome people I met during my internship again. Oh how I have missed them all. It was a blast. And- as supposed to be at our studio party- he bulit up a little photo box that all the guests gladly used. Here are some of the results :D

After we got thrown out of the studio we didn't really want to go home immediately.
Somehow we got the chance to attend a (mostly russian) model party at puro sky lounge. And gosh how much fun that was. We had the most amazing view from the 22nd floor, free drinks all night, cool (but very loud) music and the cooles party crew ever. Yes, I did drink too much but I definitely want to go again...
Am still waiting for those pictures, so be prepared.