Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009


People always talk about changing and making this world a better place. But who DOES take the first step? Who changes first? Why do we sit around and keep talking and talking and talking instead of doing something productive?
We complain about people being stressed out and unfriendly, but do we face them with a smile? No, we don't for our environment "suggests" not to be happy. Just look around you whenever you're sitting in the S-Bahn. You'll only see sad, angry or mean looking faces. It makes you sad, or even angry yourself and you'd like to tell all of them that life is about living it to the fullest and that all of their worries are just nonsense compared to their whole existance. That they sould celebrate life and cherish the littlest things whatever they may be. Unless you're happy, what are you living for? What's your drive if not happiness and satisfaction? I'm sure we don't live to be sad and be smart about it. Existance celebrates, so join the party.
There's so much little things to adore, love, cherish and laugh about. Isn't it beautiful how rain hits the floor and creates certain patterns? Isn't it amazing how buds evolve into flowers, how people can show their emotions? How some people keep singing the lyrics of their favourite songs to themselves and drift into their own little world without noticing everyone aroudn them? Isn't it lovely how human beings are able to dream? ...

We should start to live our dreams and finally get active. People need to be made aware of all this. They should understand... they should find the conclusions, eventually.

PS: Did you ever see a melancholic sea? Or a crazy mountain? Or a happy wood? ... Try to notice those things... (Gosh, Chakra is interesting)

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  1. do people always talk about it? many people just don't care. that's the other side. especially now in this time of present. people get more and more passive. of course these are two extremes.
    some want to change the world, other just don't care (global warming is destructing us anyway, so why not enjoy?)
    changes in such dimensions cannot occur from one step to another. people always have to see that someone changed just a small detail. they get attracted to that/ adapt it or not. the only thing a single person can do is to make his own life better. if you don't agree with something, some common sense, some matters, then just do what you believe is right to do.
    maybe you just see angry and sad face in the Sbahn because you want them to be like that. maybe they're just locked up from their surrounding. like i don't want to talk to anyone i don't know. i often observe my reflections when being on a train or subway etc. and sometimes i am very surprised how angry, or sad my face's expression is. however, i just don't care about the strange people standing next to me.