Montag, 15. Juni 2009

Swedish God

Haha what an unusual title today *haha*

Had a very nice shoot with Ras today whom I met at Kenjutsu some time ago. He promised to attend training more often but for he works in Africa his time managnement is always in a mess. But today we finally made it and it was a blast. I'm not sure I ever had that much fun during a shoot. We were laughing and giggeling all the time and although he said that he didn't like cameras and standing in front of it he did a great job. Couldn't believe he didn't feel comfortable with himself...
Anyways I think the photos that came out are probably the best ones I ever took. I'm amazed by myself, even if it's not very polite to praise oneself. :3
And Ras is by far the most handsome guy I ever met. Can't wait to shoot him again. He's also doing his own swordfight style and parcours, so I guess we'll be having quite a lot of other opportunities to shoot. :D

Here's some of my favourite photographs:

So what else...
When I was on the train yesterday heading home for Berlin I sat with three weird dressed guys. They looked a little like they were playing rugby or stuff like that. But they kept talking about strange things like chains and only 100 stones per game etc. And I wondered and wondered what they were talking about until some guy passed us and asked them about their crazy sport which turned out to be Jugger. Ever heard of that? If not go google it... sounds very cool. Well we happened to start a conversation that would last until the end of our train ride. ;) And I also found a model for our photography project of this semester. A bald man. He's quite charming as well and I think he'll be a good model. Well, we'll see how this one turnes out I guess.

And now that I spent the whole evening photoshopping I need to do some uni tasks that waited for me way too long and need to be accomplished by tomorrow or at least this week. >.>
So I'll be working now...

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