Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009


So you guys, yesterday I attended a photography workshop with and by Felix Rachor. Maybe someone knows him? He's quite successful with what he does so I thought it might be a good idea. Was gone the whole day and most of the evening, skipped Flash, learned quite a lot. Mostly about myself. We had a (I guess) semi-pofessional model the whole day and she was up for everything :D (Felix even painted her with acryllic colour) Although she didn't quite follow the orders we gave her >.>
Anyways, it was fun and I got some new inspiration (and photographs of course), which is always good. And I learned how to do some nice face postprocessing and retouching. I'm gonna use Bridge from now on ... and RAW o_O"

Theme of the workshop was Vogue Style fahion photography... or something like it.
Some results can be seen here: (PS. Please be gentle, I did this in the middle of the night... don't expect anything over the top. Gonna go over these soon)

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  1. RAW is overrated. And you should look into using Aperture 1.5 (it's an older version, but it's what I have been using; will blog about it soon)