Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Special moments

We can change the world.
This might sound a little like proclaiming wolrd peace, but I dont mean it in a global way but in details. For I'm a person who likes to get deeper and deeper into things and examine them from the core.
From time to time I get ridiculously fascinated by nature. Doesn't have to be nature as a whole, but like those little particles (of whatever) floating around us that we don't even notice.
Sometimes, when you're sitting in a dark room and rays of light are shining in, you can see thousands of glistening particles floating in midair, or in matter, so to say. I can keep staring at them for hours without getting bored. And it's amazing to me how you can influence the floating matter within a room and practically everywhere. Sounds a little abstract, I'm aware of that, but I think you'll be able to understand. Everything around us consists of matter, even us. And all the air around us equals floating matter. We can't feel it floating, unless there's wind. But with every move we make, we disturb the rhythm of this matter. We can influence the way it floats... Ain't that amazing? xD
I love to fool around with that little particles and to change their direction, or try to catch them. Gosh this has to sound so strange oO But hey, that's me, sorry.

Another thing I love is the seeds of flowers swirling through the air, which is actually the same as these particles. But you can touch and catch them. :3

Don't know why but I just love quiet and simple (but stunning) moments like this...


  1. It also is really amazing to watch dust within sunrays. And then throw a pillow. (;

  2. ... and you can do some amazing things with hookah smoke, too ;]

    Hm, now I want more windows looking south.

  3. @ Len: Like making circles? ^___^ I like that.
    You should invite me anytime soon when you'll make use of your shisha again ;)

    @ Plum: Yes, that's kind of what I said... just that I didn't want to refer to dust xD The connotation is so bad :P
    But it's really lovely though