Montag, 16. Februar 2009


Here we go again...

Yet another shitty day over.
Today was very unnerving... First I had to take an exam in probably the most strange class I've ever taken. But it went pretty well I have to admit.
Afterwards we had to present our final tasks in art by creating a performance.

And gosh, everyone was so stupid oO
Why would you buy tons of alcohol knowing you can't drink it without going insane? Though I guess I was one of the only ones who didn't like the "wet" atmosphere. Some people are so pissing me off lately, I wished I could tear them to pieces and burn these to the ashes. Oo I know this sounds a little... er... violent, but I just hate people who are all about attention and keep pushing themselves into the centre of attention. Why can't you just hold back for a minute and be quiet to honor everyone elses work!? Why would you walk and jump all over the place all the time shouting, whispering so loud you could hear it to the other end of the room and keep fooling around awkwardly!? Damn I just can't have this...
Moreover most of the performances were frankly speaking shit.
Very good idea to present your pictures in the dark and lightening them with a flashlight from time to time... Or presenting your work in front of a Duschvorhang. Hate, hate hate.

Another fact that pissed me off was that I asked Mr. G if what I did was what he wanted in the beginning of the project and he just told me that he wasn't so sure but that I should keep on going like this. Which I did, knowing he would tell me that my work was crap in the end. Talked to some students about it and everyone kept telling me that I was overrating it and exaggerating it. But you know, I was right... and I knew it!
When I finished he told me that my work wasn't good, but that he especially liked my performance (which actually was harsh criticism) and gave me the better note...
How stupid is that!? Why can't he just tell me I was going the wrong path when I was still beginning and planning!? He also did this for the others... -_-
Ok, had to get rid of this... sorry.

Well L, I think it was a good decosion to just not be there at all. You didn't miss anything.
And I especially liked the way you presented your work... Nice.

On the other hand however I had a poetry flash today, due to the fact that I was fascinated by the snow falling... I love snow. Should be snowing all year *-*
So here's my minimalistic little (kind of) poem.


Hörtst du, wie der Schnee fällt?
Leise ... leise
... so leise.
Und sanft wie eine Berührung des Windes
wird er schließlich eins mit dir.
Reinigt deine Seele,
leert deinen Kopf.
Und du spürst, wie all die Hitze in dir,
all der Zorn geheilt wird.
Ich könnte hier ewig verweilen
und dir zusehen... leise, ganz leise.
Du bist unaufdringlich..., wunderschön.
Ich möchte das er nie verfliegt,
dieser wunderschöne Augenblick.
Wir teilen ihn, nur du und ich.
Und beim nächsten Wimpernschlag,
bist du schon wieder verschwunden...
Eins mit mir.

Und ich bin geheilt...
leise, ganz leise....

Thanks fot the attention...
I think I just fell in love again... with snow.
Feels so much better after a bath in the soft snowflakes.

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