Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009

The Greatest

The greatest gift of our time is to have someone you still want to listen to.
There are so many stupid people around us, making it harder and harder for us to connect to anyone of them. At least that's what I experienced.

I'm generally not a people-hater, but now that I officially live in Berlin, I tend to dislike people around me more and more.
It's not like I don't want to connect, but I just can't go down to all of the peoples levels. That's just not me. I want people around me, who I love to listen to, who have great topics and important issues to talk about, because I'm usually not the one that talks the whole time. Most of the time I kind of am "the audience", which is good both for the one who's speaking and me, because I like to listen. But sometimes it's hard just listening to someone. And the tendency of it is still rising. (Maybe that's just the after effect of yesterdays desaster, dunno)

And I'm very glad I found some people worth listening to. People who don't waste their whole time talking shit but adressing important, philosophic, society based issues. Issues I like to learn about, issues I'm not familiar talking about exept in my own head.
It's kind of a good feeling to know that some people care about the same things your head revolves around. :3 And I'm honestly looking forward to all the conversations we'll hopefully have in the future. Let's keep talking you guys!! *cheer*

So today was... ... interesting xD

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