Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Burning the Ashes

Another day over... *phew*

These days an hour passes like a whole week. Sickens me not to be able to do anything useful.
Can't go on with my semester projects, for my musician is busy, teachers don't seem to be able to fill out a 10-questions questionnaire, my photos suck lately... and so on.
What the heck is wrong with me? The only thing that makes me feel good is doing sport... feels good to just let go and drift into another reality. A reality without university, stress, lost usb-sticks your processing semester project happens to be on, losing track of what you still have got to do.... blah blah.
Moreover people are much more relaxed there... feels good to be amongst them.

Today, one of my lecturers introduced us to the darkroom techniques. And exept of the fact that I don't quite catched everything he said about all the chemicals and processes you've got to do it was very interesting. And for the first time it seemed like he was really into what he was telling us and had muuuch time on hand. (Just seemed to be that way of course) Well I had fun :D
He's still one of my favourite teachers, though.
Maybe due to the fact that he always has some time for me if I'm having any problems. ^^
Feels good to get some positive feedback at least on SOMETHING...

Yesterday I realised that I have lost my USB- Stick last friday and was near breakdown. I had a lot of my semester projects in there. Fortunately there still are some honest people in this world and somebody gave it to the front-counter lady. ^^" Gheez...

And now... I don't know what to do
Sadness overwhelms me once again and leaves me drowning in the circles of my own mind...

PS: shitty "feeling" phrase oO
Should try to avoid this one next time. Sounds like I have a very limited vocabulary -_-


  1. hey vivi, now you're also linked to my blog page. see on the right side bar :) so keep on writing!
    your english is so good btw. O.o...

  2. Heyyy thanks a lot Lea :D
    Glad to know that maybe someone will read my crap then *kchihi*
    Ah come on... that's just because I really like foreign languages. And English was my favourite class at school, too.

    PS: I really liked your performance today :3
    It was soooo lovely