Montag, 9. August 2010

system override

Gheez, these past few weeks have been.. too much.
But in a good way.
I can't quite get it all together at the moment because too many things happened simultaneously. But let's make it a chronological report. Or something alike *haha*

About two weeks ago I got the chance to meet two wonderful new people whom I am missing just now. Spo0ky and Sheena. Haven't met awesome people like them for a while now. We had _so_ much fun together and I enjoyed every minute of it. And discovered that Spooky is almost my neighbor xD Just too bad they'll be moving to Munich... so far away, damn. And Berlin feels strange without them here I have to admit. Well Spooky is still here of course but it's not long until he'll be gone as well... Guess I've got to go to Munich then anytime soon to visit them. Plans ahead *hahar* Oh and guess what... I now own a tactical vest and a paintball grenade. OMG Spooky-chan thanks soooo much again. You have no idea how cool those items are for me. And how mucht they serve my hunger for military stuff. :E Will see if I can wear them out at last :3
True epicness can be only be found when we three are together... DESU~
Have also made quite a good connection to a friend that I've known for years but never really gotten to know it seems. By now we're on the phone so often, you might think we were a couple xD It's just so much fun chatting with him. And he's one of the few people that I don't hate being on the phone with. Those who know me better are aware that I hate being on the telephone. But with him it's different. Guess it's because we share a lot of interests and there's no expectation behind that call. It doesn't really serve a purpose which makes it a casual conversation. Love that. And since I finally got a new steam account, we can rule the others together :D Arr haven't been playing any cool online games for years now. So it's not a surprise that I'm now all in for round after round. Only negative side to this is that it does steal quite a lot of time and ruins my sleeping-habits. But I couldn't care less ^^

Mh what else... will be going to Cologne for this years GamesCom and am so looking forward to it. I won two day tickets *damn I'm lucky* and can stay at an old friends place. So I do save quite a lot of money. Thank god. And staying at Flos place should be fun as well. He'll have several people over for Games Com so there's gonna be a big party for sure. And since we haven't seen each other since New Years Eve about three years ago we'll sure have a lot to talk about. Arrr there's nothing better than meeting old friends.
And I did meet old friends just two weeks ago. Decided to come home over the weekend (i know that's rather usual) and found out that a few old school friends wanted to go to the cinema. I wanted to go out anyway so I joined in. We watched Inception which - as I basicly published everywhere- is one of the most aewsome movies I have seen for a while. It's not only the complexity of the story and storytelling but the main idea behind this film and the awesome sets and 3D rederings that make this film worth seeing. I loved every minute of it. And not only was the movie great, my company was as well. One of my best freind from school brought a good friend of his, who was.... veeery nice :3 Let's just say I finally found somebody that suits me and cares for me in a way that feels more than great. And I haven't felt this good for a while now. Almost like a teenager... I could sing and dance around all day and keep smiling without a reason. I somehow get the feeling that the sun's shining out of my ass these days. It's just _too_ good... I could eat the whole world. <3
Aww there's so much more to say but I guess I'm gonna leave it for now and write again soon.
This is too much already *kchihi*

So to sum it up... no one can get me down these days. Not even Sounddesign *haha*
Epic win I'd dare say.

// Edit: Some epicness I'm hopefully allowed to share here =^__^=


  1. Hey I'm going to visit Innsbruck again (by car) in Dec, Jan or Feb... Munich is on the way then. Just a thought^^