Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

About luck and when it is unnecessary

Silence for what seems to have been forever again. But I have some things to share now. Progress finally :D

So well, where to start...?
University is getting better and better again. Probably because we finished a few classes by now. This semester has been... quite hard so far, actually oO. Mainly because I lacked interest in a few classes and because I had too many out-of-uni projects. Finsihed my photography-seminar with photographer Felix Rachor, had to organize my biggest shooting yet (and all by myself) and learned a lot. I'm about to full update my portfolio within a month or so and can't wait to do it.
I feel like I've grown up quite a lot within these last 4 or 5 months. So many changes, so many chances... and I was able to take most of them.
I can't really express the enthousiasm I feel right now, but I realised that I have done so many things other people don't have a chance to do their whole lives. I am finally starting to live my dreams and to do what makes me happy. I have met the most awesome people, did some of my coolest projects so far, visited countries I would have never dreamed of ever being to... And talking to other people the thought of me having been really lucky so far has just been confirmed. And I can't wait for what's going to happen next. The next years in front of me will be SO much fun :D

So well, my internship was confirmed finally so I will be working for a fashion photographer by September. He said it was going to be hell, but I think it's gonna be a great experience. Maybe the greatest so far concerning photography :3 And since I heard that so many people don't have a clue of what they will be doing next semester, I'm even more proud of myself. And it was the first application I sent :P Got my answer within two hours and now here I am... think I've done some things right in the end :3

Also, I have been lucky yesterday xD Well since I'm only lucky when it's not important, I won 4 tickets for a sold out concert of the famous german violinist David Garrett out of a sudden. Didn't expect this at all and was quite confused when the message showed up on my screen saying: Congratulations, you won! I was like... is this a fucking joke? But it turned out to be true and I had the best Tuesday afternoon... so far I think. The concert was just amazing... I mean everything about it. We didn't have to wait in the queue because we had premium tickets, we sat in row 13 which is damn close to the stage and had a wonderful view. We even got tickets for the aftershow party which is just... unbelievable. I am so thankfiul for this evening :D
It's making me very happy.

And that's what it's all about in the end, right? Being happy!
So Cheerio folks, I'll be back :D

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