Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

About Japan

Well it has sure been a while since I came back from Japan, but still I feel like I could share a few things.

This trip has by far been the best I've ever done. It feels important, mainly because I had so much time to think and to see things clearly. I made some very important decisions that I am very proud of. I'm usually not a fan of tough decisions but still, I did it. And I've seen so many beautiful things and spiritual places... I think Japan might have changed me quite a bit.
I am more sure about who I am and where I want to go now. I know what to do.
I actually feel very confident with myself at the moment. I am quite stressed and confused at the moment, that I'll admit, but still, I grew. I am an adult now and don't regret it.
Until now I have been pursuing lots of goals and was able to achieve almost every of them. And I didn't only have luck. It's all about how you feel about things and how much effort you put into this. Just saying things wouldn't be fair doesn't help anything. Many people don't seem to see the world that clearly. They just go with the flow without thinking anything. What seperates them from buildings, bridges and other stuff? Who are they if they don't think?
... does this post make any sense? oO

Ah I don't care...


  1. i think that some people will agree with me that "the more you think about the world the more you get depressed"

    sometimes i envy those people who can distract their whole life with unnecessary stuff, but still they seem more "happy" than people who are deep thinkers...

    you get what i mean?

  2. I do, but I think widsom is worth far more than happiness. Does sound sad but in the end you can allways be happy about other things. As long as you understand what's going on you're going into the right direction :3