Dienstag, 10. August 2010

No more goodbyes

Why are goodbyes so hard to endure?
It's so much like losing a part of oneself... and it's sad even if it happens for the most wonderful reasons. Two very good friends of mine who I haven't gotten the chance to meet as regularly as I would have liked to will now be moving to the Canary Islands. When I first came to Berlin they were my safe haven, so to say. I needed them badly and I got used to having them around. The best friends I ever had. They got quite busy with work so we couldn't maintain regular contact. I got used to being on my own again but still... they are pretty darn important to me. Some of the best and deepest conversations and thought I had, I had them when I was with them. Have gotten to know myself a lot better as well...
Have met them just today and we talked like in good old times. They're so easy to talk to... and I realised once more that I won't see them for at least half a year from now on, which is damn sad. They'll take a big part of me with them. And that part I'm gonna miss... It's for the right reasons still. They overworked themselves and weren't quite as happy here. They're just not made for living in cities. Fortunately they now found the perfect place for them to stay. And they will find peace in the end, that I'm sure of. They needed time for themselves badly and I'm glad they can take it now, finally. It was definetely the right decision for them to leave. Still... it makes me sad having to let them go. .___.

I've had too many goodbyes these days... I feel torn.

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