Freitag, 15. Januar 2010


Finally back home... wow, this has been quite a long day.
Uni has been torturous... but hey, I have survived. Think exept of Editorial I've been quite productive today. Have thought a lot of things through at least.

The next weeks are gonna be more than stressful. Have a bunch of projects I need to work on and my personal stuff adds to it as well -_- Goddamn. Where's my time gone.
Have seen the progress stats in Leas blog and basicly just wanted to copy it :P
Motivation purposes I guess. Although I'm not that advanced... shit.

Rethoric: 95%
Short Film: 70%
Art Direction Portrait: 45%
Illustrations: 33%
Marketing: 25%
Seminar/Exhibition Photos: 15%
Storyboard: 12%
Personal Sideprojects (Retouching): 10%
Editorial: 3% -__-
Personal Stuff: 1%
"Hausarbeit": 0%

Uff... so much yet to do. I'm gonna pass out or suck :P But we'll see... I have around three or four weeks left oO *yay*
The thing is that I'm used to having small goals only and a riddiculous amount of time to finish it. Have to adapt to huge projects like the one I have to handle/organize now. But I think I'll grow a lot by trying to finish all of them about the same time :3

Cheers and good night.
Will leave for home in about 6 hours. Yay!!! And I'm gonna sew a huge dress :P

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