Samstag, 2. Januar 2010


Well yes, a new year has begun.
Still haven't quite digested the last one I think. Time went by all to quickly and the feeling of missing some things grows stonger ans stronger.

Still, London was a blast. Exept of the 17 hour drive there and the 20 hour drive back, which was more then torturous...
Have been able to see a lot more of London than the last time I was there, which has only been for a day. Did revisit a lot of the places I've been to and even found the one japanese restorant I went to three years ago. Almost thught we'd never find it, because Chinatown is _so_ crowded woth these *haha* Well the purpose of my going to London actually was to get my precious memories back... for I lost almost all of the photos I took three years ago. Am so glad to have them back, you can't imagine... May seem a pathetic thing to do, but I needed this.
Yet now I feel more exhausted than ever. Can't even think of next week when uni will start again and we'll come to the final phase of this semester. So much work ahead and so little yet prepared. Should have made time management one of my priorities this year. *haha*

Mh well what else... already have everything I own stuffed into various boxes, which means the room I'm gonna live in for the final week of being in this dormitory is.. empty. Nothing personal, nothing at all actually, exept of the few things I'll need every day. Feels very strange sitting here. Like this wasn't my apartment... like no one ever lived here. Strange, again.

Am going to try to catch up with speel the last days and will see what mysteries the new year holds for me. Maybe I'll finally have some more time to do the things I want to, need to do.


  1. So here is your chance to post relevant photos to your blog! London is a lovely place to take photos I think. Not a beauty, but definitely very interesting.
    You have to give me your new address btw. I might not be "returning" to university this year as I didn't manage to shoot enough footage for anything. And yes, we definitely have to meet more often this year. Last year was really a fast one.... although I am reluctant to say it's been _too_ fast. ;]

  2. left a comment on my Tokyo blog about the apartment I rented. I'd be glad to talk to you about it. email me at