Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

For stresses sake

I am back I dare to say.
I got quite a lot if things done last week. Of course it's still way too much stuff left, but it's a progress at least. And this is finally gonna be the last week of University, so yay.
Am really looking forward to my holidays and especially to my trip to Japan. It's gonna be just awesome!

Did meet up with a very good friend of mine on Sunday whom I haven't seen for ages it seems. You can't imagien how very good it felt to be with him again... talking, laughing... basicly just spending time together. Ah, that made up for quite a lot :D Feels like a great relief and I do hope that we can manage to establish a regular contact *haha* although that sounds a bit weird.

Uhm well yeah... think I could update my schedule for now:

Art Direction: -done
Rethoric: -done
Marketing: -done
Short Film: -done
Storyboard: -done

Illustrations: still 33%
Seminar Photos: around 20%
Editorial rose to about 20% as well
and I dhaven't yet started to write my "Hausarbeit" of course xD

Yet I feel a lot mor comfortable now. Looks much better *haha*

Okay, so here's one of my favourite photos of the winter shoot outside.

So maria was amazing like always. She's such a nice girl. I really love working with her. No complaining about the cold (she even said she didn't care if she'd catch a cold or get a temperature) God, like that's what I'm looking for! :D
Like said, she's just awesome. So I had craftet around 150 paper ships of different sizes (some from Linde, one from Lea as well) sewn that damn dress (and that took ages... and almost all my nerves) gotten dry ice (which didn't work properly) gotten all the equipment like flashes and props. That was torturous as well of course.
But the good thing is, that I found a nice little crew who helped me. So I'd like to say thanks again to Jasmin (MUA), Gerline (assist.), Kai (techn. support), Inka (assist.) and Julius (driver). Withou you I wouldn't have made it ^^
Oh and of course it was pretty damn cold... and we had people watching us and commenting on what we'd do. (and laughing at us... why the hell!?) It was quite funn though. I enjoyed it as much as I could when I wasn't desperate to find a solution to one more occuring problem. *tehihi*
Still, it worked out. And I think the image came out quite well :3 So enjoy.


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