Samstag, 12. September 2009


Everyone makes mistakes. A lot to be honest. Seems like we humans need failure to improve. The good thing about it is that there's almost always a second chance for us to take. So in the end it doesn't really matter how many times you did wrong, does it? We aren't forced to do things we don't want to. Who would be in the position to require it?
Yet, there is something all of us need to do and that is to be ourselves. We can't afford to fail here. It does not entirely matter how many times we can't do something, but what's important is, to be ourselves. Truly, purely and honestly.
How can you expect to be loved or treated right when you're not yourself? When you're not showing your true personality. You'll always feel something's missing for you'll never get anything you could. So in the end this is a requirement from ourselves of ourselves. There's nothing more important in this world. Be good or be bad, love or hate, it doesn't matter as long as you truly are yourself. Only then can you grasp what and who you really are.
We all gradually build up our facades, but there is a time to get rid of them. You won't need them andy longer if you want to live life to the fullest. Let go and break free. Show the world your true colors. Of course most people won't see them anyways, for they became unable to feel all this. They are hollow inside, just walking shades of what they used to be. They lost it. Even if they do feel someday, they'd get irritated and probably get afraid for they don't know how it feels anymore. There's nothing that distincts them from all the architecture we created. They are nothing more than walls of concrete and stone... Wrongly cherished "achievements of humanity".

So this may be our crusade now, the one purpose we have to fullfil for now.
The rest will come...

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