Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

"Do never forget how it feels"

That's what he said.
When I felt, it overwhelmed me. My heart accelerating and trying to crush my ribs from the inside, tears flowing without a reason. It did feel strange, but good at the same time. Somehow important. I didn't want it to end but of course it did...

Now I feel unable to recall those feelings. I don't even feel alive without them. How can I know my heart is still beating if it's not smashing against my ribs? What did I hold back that day? I felt something wanted to break free, to crush the shell I surrounded it with. I didn't fully allow it and now it's gone. Feels like I'm missing something... sinking again.

What I'm most afraid of? Forgetting how it felt...

A lot of interesting things happened. Made use of my moleskin a lot lately but am unsure wether to share. It's very personal in the end. At least it helps me to remember- hopefully.

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