Montag, 6. April 2009

Filling gaps

Gnah I hate being uncreative.
I'd love to blog about something important or at least something that's important to me. But it seems I've lost all my creativity outdoors in the sun... that sucks. On the other hand, not blogging at all sucks, too. ¬_¬” Hopefully I'll come up with something usefull next time... perhaps in a few days or even weeks.
For now I'm enjoying the weather as much as everyone else does. Altough I'm usually not a wanna-be-all-in-the-sunshine person. I guess many things changed this year. Somehow frightening, isn't it? Why would a winter-lover suddenly like the summer!? I can't understand. I'm weird these days :D Just accept that.

And I'm looking for a flat somewhere in Tiergarten or Moabit. Does anyone need a companion in his/her flat? ^^"" Don't wanna live that far away from everybody anymore.

Well guys, look forward to the next (hoping it will be) usefull blog entry xD

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