Donnerstag, 16. April 2009


I don't know where this thought comes from or by what it was inspired, but today I realised something:
By the time we begin to think not only about our own life but about life as a whole and issues like society, purposes and human beings our life begins to crumble.
We die a little every day... piece by piece, thought by thought.

And today a bigger part of me got lost. The phrase "people equal shit" becomes more and more true to me. Don't know if it's because of Berlin and the mass of people you pass day by day. Just a feeling that grows inside me and is stirred up a lot lately. (I guess I've said that quite a few times before)
Where are the good people? And why wouldn't they cross my way to make my day? It's actually not that difficult to brighten up my day... it's simple things you need no special abilities for. But instead, I die.... and die another little bit. Of course it's just minimal, but strong enough for me to feel it. Which is a little weird...
There's this feeling of wasting my time again. Time's running out and I've got nothing productive to do... that's it so far about dieing. >_>

Nya anyway...
Can't wait for Sunday to come.. gonna celebrate a Cherry Blossom festival kind of thing (dressed up as a Geisha of course) *haha* Will be awesome... and probably really hot =_=

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