Montag, 3. August 2009


... " You know, actually there's a lot of positive things in what you say. You're not as pessimistic as you think and a lot of good things come out of your mouth. You have great potential as a person, although you might not yet have noticed. You will create the future you desire, that's what's real."

... Why do we always need to get everyones approval? Why does affirmation feel that ridiculously good? Do humans always need to get praised for doing something right or being good at something? We might know that it doesn't really matter for we know what we've created. But if we aren't "rewarded", we wonder if anyone noticed what we've done. Isn't it strange?
Is this all about society again? I wonder...

I keep thinking a lot and cant seem to get the answers I want. I'm stuck somewhere. Might need a map or some help... ;)

Another thing /at the moment) is that I'm overly fascinated by some people- actually it's two.
Seems like some people are too good to be true. They are sincere and honest and manage to express theirselves at any time. They brighten up your mood by just being theirselves and not thinking about making you happy.
... There's nothing worse than sensing someone's just saying something to appease you. oO
I wonder where they've got all their positivity, optimism and wisdom from. It can't be that easy to gain those. I feel like there's still so much I can learn and so much I need to talk to them about. But these people are rare... too rare for my taste. Of course this makes meeting them even better for their enigmatic aura instantaneously flows over. Yet, t's sad when they're not around...

Gnah... don't know what I'm writing >.>
I'll shut up.

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