Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009


Had another Photoshoot last Sunday. And gosh, going to uni on a sunday feels very strange xD
Well the model is Joel from ModelMayhem. He stopped by my sedcard and asked if I'd like to do a test-shoot with him while he visits Berlin.
Was nice to work with someone who has a little experience with photoshoots and posing. Think it was the first shooting I didn't have to direct that much. He did most of the job. *haha* And he kept striking different poses all the time. I was impressed. We finished the shoot having about 1.400 photographs and agreed to do another shoot anytime soon.

We focused on fashion and portraits again.
Aaaand K, Lea and me had our hardcore-Evangelion-watching-all-episodes-in-a-row session. It was crazy. We've sat there from about 20:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning. It's amazing how hard it gets to concentrate as time passed. And we ate waaaay too much, horrible xD
I was wasted the next day *haha*

I'm glad that uni will be over after next week. It's been one hell of a month.
Will be in Paris for one week in the holidays. Exploring the city a bit more and most of all having a great time. Need to reserve the flight as soon as possible. Waaah can't wait to get there :3

Oh and by the way... whoever finds out why this post is called "Juergen" gets a free cookie :D

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