Freitag, 20. März 2009

About stupidity

Gosh, I'm home again... finally xD

Yesterday I took a train to Berlin in order not to miss my training and the damn train was 2 hours late. Not the most stupid thing, though...
As my home was within reach, I began searching for my key. Thought no one would leave a key in their house at home... can't be that stupid. And guess what I left back home... yes, the fu***** key >.> So there I stood, cold, thirsty and homeless.
Taking a train back home would have been stupid, I thought. So I thought about where I was going to stay over the night... Under a bridge? In a house for homeless? xD Gosh I was so confused. But first thing I needed to do was finding some place I could stay at for some time. (By the way, I had to miss training, of course, since my outfit was in my room >.>) Fortunately, a sports-colleague had some time for me... I stayed at his place until evening ^^" Poor little friend, he must be so annoyed by me by now. *drop*
Eventually, I was allowed to stay at K's and Leas place for the night, which was awesome xD
Very nice flat, I got freshly cooked food (and it was very tasty *yum*) and they even had a free bed xD I expected to sleep on some floor. *lol*
We even watched some anime movie called "Paprika". And I wouldn't reccommend it to you, unless you're into very strange things. That was probably the most confusing movie I've ever seen. (Exept of some yapanese movies of course) Very colourful and... crazy. xD

But I'm very glad I got another key to my flat today.
Although I had to wake up at 6 in the morning in order to get that damn key -_-
And I'm getting really tired now... probably gonna sleep till 1 or 2 pm...

So good night xD

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  1. i am glad you liked it so much :) it was a nice spontaneous evening, indeed. it's not stupid you forgot your keys, it's just maybe forgetfulness or you had too much stress. stupidity is when you're thinking and acting wrong (also in a ethical manner).
    hope you could catch up on some sleep :)