Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

the travel bug

Japan has definetely infected me. Since I've been there I can hardly think of any other country I want to see. The only thing on my mind is: I need to go back there! Need to smell the japanese air again, reunite with the wonderful people I met there, go out and eat, sing Karaoke... so many things...
It's gotten worse and worse with time passing by and especially when more and more people confirm the fact that they are going there! By now my subconscious mind is almost tortouring me with thoughts and even dreams about Japan. This whole night I dreamt how I was packing my suitcases for the journey. Sorting things out, organising everything, talking about what I needed to pack and think of. In the middle of the dream I realised that I only had a flight ticket to Tokio but not back...

And when I woke up I felt... exhausted. All that work for nothing... just a dream.
So today, I looked for flights directed to Tokio. I even found a few good ones. Mostly more expensive than the one I took last time but then I found a cheaper one...
Was almost about to book it right at the moment but didn't dare to. A good decision I'm sure now. Would have flown with Turkish Airlines (wasn't that the line that had so many plane crashes last year?) and would have had to stay at the airport of Istanbul for no less than 20 hours on both flights!!! o.O Now that's sick... The onl advantage with Turkish Airlines was that I could take up to 30kg with me *hahahar*
Had a little chat with my mum who was just worried about where I would stay.

That's fixed now. Can go back to the family that adopted me last time, they'd be happy to have me back. And I'm even happier that they'll let me stay with them again :D
So all I need to do now is: find the perfect flight and then save as much money as I can... because at the moment I can onl pay the flights and half of what I need to give the family :P
And I'm gonna take back SO much stuff :D Even more than last time I guess. And I know exactely where I want to go *lavishes over all the possibilities*

God I'm so happy...
will keep you updated <3

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