Montag, 12. Oktober 2009


Ever heard of those so called "Bonfim" bracelets?
It's a brazilian tradition I got introduced to by a good friend of mine. She spent a year in Brazil and came back with them. It's said that those bracelets (of a very light and thin fabric) have to be knotted three times. And you may wish for something for every knot that is made. You are not allowed to take it off- ever. It will fall off your wrist - or wherever you have it- by itself. And if it finally does, your wishes either are fulfilled already or will be fulfilled very soon.
Well I have to admit I love those kind of things, so of course I did have one of my own. And guess what, it fell off my ankle yesterday :D
So yeah, basicly quite happy there says and my spirits are back.

Also have some new inspiration, especially for the upcoming uni projects like a stop-motion film and another short video. Guess those will be quite good :3
Will tell you about some more important stuff later, promise *grin*

So regards and stuff

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  1. ah, I know these. or at least kinda these bracelets. I used to make such things as well.

    I hope your wish came true finally :)